These are some links to French sites or sites about France which may be useful:

Alliance Française USA
Alliance Française - This is the official French site.
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
L'Internet culturel
OSU Department of French and Italian
Drexel Theaters

Many resources are now free of charge grace of the world wide web, listening to great radio being one of them.
Radio France's FIP is one of the few true eclectic stations you will encounter: pop, classics, classical, modern, international - they play it all. You'll hear a lot of American music in the mix along with French and other languages. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you can intelligently discuss Paris traffic at your next event. Their web site is safe and easy to use, just download the program and click on "ecouter".

Curieuse et exigeante, la radio explore en toute liberté le monde de la musique pour faire partager ses enthousiasmes et ses découvertes. Grâce à sa programmation musicale et ses voix féminines complices, FIP s'est forgée une identité unique dans le paysage radiophonique.